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Shiraz University Graduate Students/Researchers

Researcher/Student Name & Current Position Research During Collaboration Years
Mohammad-Ali Nikouei Mahani. Senior Machine Learning Engineer at BMW Hardware engineer in Shiraz University Signal Processing Center (SPC). Mobile ECG and Holter Monitor Design 2009-2010
Hamed Hassani-Saadi. Machine learning engineer at Rianta Solutions Hardware engineer in Shiraz University Signal Processing Center (SPC). MS thesis in AI: Application of signal processing algorithms for non-numeric data (The notion of interpretive signal processing) 2010-2013
Marzieh Fatemi. Biomedical software developer at ScienceBeam MS thesis in BME: Application of subspace tracking techniques for fetal cardiac signal extraction 2011-2013
Sajjad Karimi. PhD candidate in Biomedical Engineering at Sharif University of Technology Blind Source Separation Algorithm Developement 2011-2013
Maryam Samieinasab. PhD From Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Postdoctoral fellow, Baylor College of Medicine (BCM), Houston, Texas (Starting Aug 2020) MS thesis in BME: Modeling and Denoising of Fetal Phonocardiogram 2012-2015
Esmaeil Seraj. PhD student at Georgia Institute of Technology MS thesis in BME: Study and comparison of cerebral signal phase extraction and analysis methods 2013-2016
Roohollah Mohammadzadeh. PhD Student at Polytechnique Montréal (starting Aug 2020) MS thesis in Computer Architecture: Implementation of blind source separation and frequency scrambling algorithms on FPGA soft-cores using mixed design 2013-2016
Peiman Gordany. MS Graduate in Telecommunications, Senior Design Engineeer at VAP, Inc. Digital and analog electronics and telecommunications systems expert, Medical electronics device designer and developer 2014-2020
Saman Doostkam. PhD Candidate in Biomedical Engineering at Shiraz University MS thesis in BME: Design and implementation of a portable assistive system for visually impaired people 2014-2016
Mahdi Rahbar-Alam. Electronics Designer at Rayan Energy Co., Biomedical Engineer at Shiraz University of Medical Sciences MS thesis in BME: Evaluation of Instantaneous Frequency Estimation Techniques with Application to Electroencephalogram Analysis 2014-2017
Laleh Akbari. FPGA Developer at Faraz Ertebat MS thesis in Computer Atchitecture: Random Circuit Generation for Evaluation of Different Levels of Synthesis and Implementation of Reconfigurable Circuits 2014-2017
Pezhman Torabi. Documentary filmmaker and entrepreneur MS thesis in Computer Architecture: Implementation of Artificial Neural Networks on FPGA with Scalable and Parametric Design 2014-2017
Arsalam Kazemnejad. MS Graduate MS thesis in BME: Analysis of Synchronous Electrocardiogram and Phonocardiogram Parameters Extracted from Normal Subjects 2015-2018
Saeed Keshavarzi. IT Expert at Fars Regional Electric Company MS thesis in Compouter Architecture: Designing a Hardware Architecture for the Implementation of Online Subspace Tracking Algorithms 2015-2018
Farzin Negahbani. Master of Computer Science, KUIS AI Lab, Koç University FPGA Lab Board Design and Implementation 2016-2018
Najmeh Kheram. Master 2 Student (the SIGMA Program), Grenoble Alpes University MS thesis in BME: Modeling and Denoising of Phonocardiogram Signals 2016-2019
Maryam Maghsoudi. MS Graduate MS thesis in BME: Tracking and estimation of biological branching structures 2016-2019
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